an infectious positive attitude

“Mr. Francis is a fine gentleman to be associated with and I highly recommend his work ethic. He is a jovial individual that is willing to help out at any given time and is a true team member. Very intelligent individual that is well worth his weight in gold.”

Jennifer Hinojosa

Claims Specialist I, Casualty Bodily Injury at Nationwide Insurance

“Dwayne and I have worked collaboratively at SAS for about a year. He is a talented, hardworking UX design professional with a very positive attitude. Dwayne has a broad knowledge of all things design and email marketing related. I would recommend him, as he would be a great addition to any company.”

Katrina Powell

Web Governance Strategist

“Dwayne and I worked on several infographics detailing monthly Web performance and highlighting key data insights. The nature of the work all but ensured constant changes up to — and often including — the deadline date. Despite rapidly approaching deadlines & multiple rounds of edits, Dwayne always maintained his design creativity. He also kept his genuine and infectious positive demeanor. Beyond his work on infographics, Dwayne was willing to take on any project to help his colleagues and the organization. His versatility, creativity, work ethic and positive approach to work and life make him a tremendous asset to any organization. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Dwayne in the future.”

Mike Tormey

Principal Web Analytics and Insights Program Manager

“I managed Dwayne while he was employed as a graphic designer at Carrot-Top Industries. Dwayne made a great first impression on everyone in the company. His positive attitude made him a pleasure to work with. He was dependable and highly creative. Several of his designs were chosen for catalog covers and email campaigns. I could approach Dwayne with any project, he was always happy to take on new responsibilities and was eager to learn. I miss working with Dwayne and would highly recommend him for any position.”

Kim Kinney

Marketing Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Dwayne during my tenure at Carrot-Top Industries. Dwayne always had an infectious positive attitude that motivated everyone around him. He is a highly motivated individual that works hard on motivating everyone around him as well.
As a graphic designer, Dwayne is highly skilled and extremely creative. Stepping into a very defined and structured marketing department, Dwayne was still able to present new ideas and contribute greatly to a new, fresh image for the organization. His artistic skills and business knowledge help him in being a valuable asset to any team he works with.
I would highly recommend Dwayne as a highly motivated individual, a great artist and an employee that is always focused on corporate success.”

Tamer Salam

Sr. Financial Analyst

“It was a great experience to collaborate with such an outstanding individual as Dwayne. I hired him as a contractor to support my team with the execution of international e-mail campaigns and he has successfully blasted hundreds of campaigns to recipients all over the world. He was highly respected and well-liked for his customer-centric approach by his clients from Africa, Asia and Europe alike. ”

Falco Kronmuller

Sr. Manager, Global Digital Marketing


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